Friday, February 1, 2008

Notes & Photos from The Obama Clinton Debate Hollywood 2008 + Advice & Tips for Attending Future Political Events


“The only way the Republicans can win the election in November is if they dig up Jesus Christ and run him, but even then, Jesus won’t be able to carry New York.” If you’re a Democrat or Independent feel free to use that joke on your GOP friends.

Here are some photos from yesterdays all important Democratic Presidential debate, which really turned out to be more like a boring and tame discussion between wolf blitzer and the two candidates. It was considered a historic event because one of them is going to be our nations first black president or our first lesbian president. Wow, very exciting times. Obama supporters were there 3 to 1 for Hillary. If that’s any indication from yesterdays turnout, the polls are once again very wrong, and Obama will likely win California on Tue..

A couple tips to make your life easier, if you do decide to attend any large political events this season or in the future. The first tip I stole from Martin Sheen at a speech he gave on civil disobedience. (the vw bus part is my own)

A) The farther you park from the event the easier it will be to get out of there when your ready to go. Or take mass transit if possible. Trust me you don’t want to get stuck in a long line behind some hippie with an out of tune vw bus with outdated Diablo Canyon stickers blowing carbon monoxide and his second hand smoke in your car for an hour.
B) Don’t pet the bomb sniffing dog. And when the cop gives you a dirty look for petting “old blackie” don’t give a smart ass answer like “Oh I guess he’s not trained to smell marijuana.”
C) Don’t go. That’s why the pay the graduates of Cal State Northridge’s prestigous communications program $15 dollars an hour to lug around those heavy, out dated Beta cams, so you can stay home and watch the craziness from the comfort of your couch.

You have to feel sorry for this kid, its obvious his mother has control issues.

Notice the juxtaposition of the sign and the elephant. It's called irony.

Most people who attend political events, no matter who or what issue they care about,
tend to be smelly and unpleasant. Yesterday in Hollywood was no exception.

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