Wednesday, February 13, 2008


ROGER CLEMENS blames Hollywood for his steroid abuse and the recent Fall of Western Civilization
America will never be free or safe until Congress cleans up the rampant steroid abuse that is destroying sports. Next on their agenda is to expose professional Golf, specifically Tiger Woods addiction to HGH, money and white women. Woods is expected to be sentenced to some prison time for his role in those horrible Buick commercials.

When your world is crumbling apart and your searching for a scapegoat, who do you blame? You blame television and Hollywood. Everyone from Idi Amin to Jerry Falwell to Saddam Hussein have blamed their mistakes and society’s ills on Hollywood. Roger Clemens this morning, proved to be no different from anyone else who has been under oath in front of Congress. It seemed that Clemens got lost for a moment and started fishing, but if you think he just randomly tossed in a Hollywood reference, think again. Look behind him, that’s not his family behind him but a high priced team of public relations consultants and lawyers. Clemens is battling not just for his place in history, i.e., the Baseball Hall of Fame, but also for the millions of dollars that goes with it.

When asked directly about Human Growth Hormone……

Clemens- “I still don’t know enough about it. I don’t know, I’ve heard that, I’ve seen things on TV, these guys, guys how it helps them, actors and different things of that nature. I don’t know anything about it.”

It sounds like he is trying to blame his steroid abuse on Hollywood influences and the recent news, i.e. Heath Ledger and Brad Renfro. I wonder which consultant sitting behind him coached him on that earlier this week?

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Bender said...

Did you hear that the NY Yankees are moving ahead and offering a Clemens bobble head doll this season?

it's ass doubles as a pin cushion.