Friday, February 22, 2008

Hillary Clinton Says Debate Remark Not Meant as Farewell Not Yet At Least

Clinton Claims Debate Remark “Whatever Happens” Is A New Catchphrase

Hurt By Obam-a-Mania Hillary Tries Out New Catchphrase

Hillary Clinton in a speech earlier this year trying out the catchphrase, "Vote For Me or Get the Back Of My Hand Bitch!" The phrase was a failure with the voters in Maine.

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Aides today insisted that Hillary’s use of the phrase “Whatever Happens” at the end of the last nights debate was not a hidden code for her clearly obvious failed bid at the presidency but instead she was infusing new vigor and energy into the campaign by introducing a new catchphrase.

“Whatever Happens”, it’s a two-fer phrase,” explained Hillary Clinton aide Mr. Duane Perkins. “That means you can use it in two or more situations. And last night she was just, you know trying to connect with the youth when she said it. Chelsea said the kids were using the phrase all the time at Harvard.”

When asked for a time when the phrase might be appropriate? Perkins replied, “Oh you know like for instance if you order a pepperoni pizza but they tell you they are out and you might get sausage instead you say okay, “Whatever Happens” or if maybe you’re breaking up or ending a relationship and your not sure what the future holds, you might say “Whatever Happens”.

Mr. Perkins was asked if the Clinton campaign has any more new catch phrases they will be introducing in the later stages of the campaign. “Yes we’re working on a couple but we haven’t perfected them yet. We don’t want people to misinterpret our next phrase like they did with this one.” Mr. Perkins was pressed further what the phrase might be. He would only say it will include the words, I quit.


Anonymous said...

Dude, Ralph Nader has entered the race?! I know he's done some major good in his career, but methinks he's just another out-of-touch old white guy.

Johnny Doom said...

dude read what i just posted this sunday afternoon.....

Anonymous said...

Good stuff! LOL.