Monday, February 4, 2008

Obama Better than Expected on Super Tuesday or A Primer On Why The Polls are Often Misleading and/or Wrong!

A typical Hillary supporter. Plain, flabby arms, slouchy and a poor dresser. Clearly out of touch with reality and current events and ... hey wait, did I just describe Rush Limbaugh?

Why Polls Can Be Misleading & Wrong.

Obama is going to do much better than expected tomorrow, one of the main reasons is, the polls are almost always wrong. Here’s one reason why.

Polls are staffed by twenty year olds college students who are broke and bored, kids who could care less about the system on either side, they just want enough money to buy new books and some beer. Some of them are English majors with creative writing courses under their belt. They like to test their limits of creative writing. Threats of lawsuits and criminal prosecution if they make up the answers are an even better motivator. Some pollsters like the creative writing challenges the job offers. I wonder if anything has changed since I was a pollster?

This photo just smacks of symbolism.

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