Wednesday, February 6, 2008

NEVER MIX Xanax/Valium with OTC Sleeping Aids & Histimines!

This is medical marijuana for people with pain. It's legal in many states with a doctors prescription. Nobody ever od'd from this. There has been reports of lost cars, lost hotel rooms, complaints of rapid heart beat, lyrics forgotten on stage in front of thousands and a few blown punch lines at the comedy store in front of dozens, there was even a 911 call and accusations of spiking with acid. The most severe or funniest incident was a missed connecting flight in Bejing and getting stuck in China for 3 days. I can't make this stuff up, it's funny cause it's true.

WHEN I WAS OUT CAUCUSING IN UTAH for Super Tuesday this weekend some of the local farmers were asking me if I knew Heath Ledger? And if I knew a place to go in Los Angeles were you can hook up a crooked doctor who will write scripts for whatever drugs you want, no questions asked?

I told them to go to Cantor’s Deli to find the crooked doctor and some overpriced and dry sandwiches. You can also place large wagers on sporting event’s (but don’t tell anyone wink, wink, it’s a big Hollywood secret.)

I told them I didn’t know Heath Ledger but had never heard anybody ever say any harsh words about him. If you know the staff at the Chateau Marmont, than you know they love to gossip given the chance, but nobody there had anything but affection and respect for him. He was well respected because he earned it. It’s a waste of a life and a great talent. I do know what his family and friends are going through. An entertainer at that level is an industry by himself. People have careers, buy houses and raise families because of their association with someone as talented as that. The bonus is it’s a person people really enjoy being around and working with. There aren’t many people like that in any industry, but especially Hollywood. You never get over it. You always think what if? What if he had been in this movie, or project or got to work with this person.

The doctor who gave him all those should go to prison. He won’t. He’ll lose his license and get suspended. Heath’s family will try and sue him into being lower middle class or worse. The douche bag’s lawyers are probably telling him to protect his assets and make himself “judgement proof”. So you can bet the doctor who helped cause this is out this week spending money like m.c. hammer’s glory days in the 80’s.

The doctor knew he didn’t’ have any real pain beyond the stress and tension of being a great artist and a celebrity at the same time. Heath probably had a pretty good system for hiding and compartimalizing his life, like any great artists, he had to shield himself from a lot of the normal things in the world. Distractions and intrusions aren’t allowed when your trying to create great things. He kept most of the people in his life at a distance. Nobody probably realized he had that much access to that many drugs. The people who really loved him probably didn’t know it was that easy for him to get so many drugs. He was probably steadily popping the xany’s and valium’s daily for the last couple years. The doctor probably was the only one who knew this. Even if he didn’t he should have. Even if he was switching up doctors to keep the pipeline going. SIMPLE BLOOD TESTS every month would have told the doctor how many milligrams of anit-anxiety meds were pumping through his heart. He shouldn’t have allowed him to mix the Vicodin and Oxy’s with the valium and xanax. Us old schoolers remember that was what did in River. You confuse your heart and it’s rythum when you do that. But what the doctor really should have told him was UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES never touch OVER THE COUNTER SLEEPING AIDS. You cant’t mix those with either painkillers or anti-anxiety but when you mix all 3. Oh God. The UNISOM was probably the worse, you can’t mix anit-histimine’s with a Xanax or any of the azepam’s.

What happens?

Here’s what happened to me when I mixed ‘em up. Your head feels like someone is hitting it with a hammer but you can’t feel any pain, you can barely keep your eyes open but you try because the grogginess just doesn’t feel right and you know if you fall back asleep it might be for the last time because at the same time your heart beats rapidly like you just hiked a huge mountain but your heart isn’t supposed to beat like that so you smash your head against the mirror in the bathroom to try and wake up but, you don’t feel the blood trickling down your forehead but you do feel a bit more awake, enough so to drag yourself down to the video poker machines and have the cocktail waitress bring you a coffe and let the coffee and loud, noises and bright lights wake you up, it takes about 3 hours to get back to clearing your head. In the meantime you will get quite a few odd looks from the tourists and the security guards walked up to me and tried to escort me out until one of the pit bosses told him he knew me from college, and I was okay cause I was working on a script, the guard said, please sir maybe you could at least go upstairs and clean up cause you know you have blood on your face, glass in your eye and your wearing nothing but a bathrobe and vans slip-ons it’s scaring some of the guests? Yeah? We’ll tell them I’m scared of me too.

People on drugs usually wear dark clothes and shop at the 99 cent store. If you know anyone who shops at the 99 cent store please get them help.


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