Thursday, January 31, 2008

"We saw quite a few "Hispanics"


I found the quote from the lady below when I was doing some research on Dillon, South Carolina. Barack Obama has been referencing their school system as a prime example of our broken school systems. Dillon has some of the worse public schools in the country. I did some research on Dillon because I assumed if they have lousy schools they must have cheap land, and they do, and with very good reason. I could never live in the south or on the east coast anyway, they have no real mountains and weak beaches. The bottom line is clearly people in the south think a little bit (or a lot) differently than most of us on the west coast.

Below is a quote from one of Dillon's former locals, a graduate of Dillon High, who was visiting Dillon recently.

”We did notice several sushi restaurants (not our favorite) and Mexican restaurants. Spending summers with my grandmother in Dillon, I never saw Hispanics. While there this time, we saw quite a few, so I imagine the restaurants are very good. We have excellent Mexican restaurants in Delaware for the same reason. The last time we ate at Shoney's for breakfast, it was not very good, so I tend to stay away from places like that. On our way down, we stopped at Ryan's in Lumberton and it was excellent.”

No wonder the food in L.A. is so good. It's because we don't have any Shoney's.

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