Thursday, January 24, 2008

Blu-ray vs. HD DVD- 2 More WAYS TO WASTE Your Money

Which one of these formats will you use tonight?

Blu-ray vs. HD DVD
This week Blu-ray outpaces HD DVD by more than 6-to-1 last week.

PEOPLE COME UP To me all the time and say “Hey you, get away from my car!” then when they find out I’m from Hollywood they invariably ask me which is better HD DVD or Blu- ray DVD? I say I don’t know? Which do you like better, VHS or Betamax? VHS or Laserdisc? Super VHS or Super Betamax? They just keep looking at me. No reply.

Then I say what about Super VHS or Video Disc? Or 8 track vs. vinyl Records? Or what about Super 16mm or Regular 16mm? Or Super 8mm or Regular 8mm? Or MiniDisc or DAT?

By the time I get to the regular 8mm film question they revert back to their first statement and push me away from their car as they pepper spray my face.
What was the point of that rambling diatribe of dead formats? Exactly. Dead Formats.

Blu- ray and HD DVD will both eventually be a dead format. And both much sooner than later. DVD’s will also eventually be a dead format. Everything will be zapped to a box on your television or to your computer and then you watch it at your leisure. It’s already happening. What do you use more your c.d. player or your ipod? Exactly. Eventually you won’t need a player period, just a phone line and a television. The receiver/scrambler will be in the television. Also High Def now won’t be High Def in five years. They will have more lines descrambled by then, 1080p will be 2180 i.c.u. peeing., or something like that. But hey if you like new technology and just have to have it, then Blu-ray is probably the best choice. They work with PS3 and Sony basically won the war. Whoever was in charge of the corporate credit card at Sony last week at the CES convention made good use of it. They must have put tens of thousands of dollars of poker chips and strippers on the old black Amex. Sony won the war and the consumer benefited to. Blu- ray has more films to offer on DVD though the number is still very small. The Toshiba vs. Sony DVD war at the CES convention paid off for consumers because it knocked down the price of the hardware on both sides. Of course, the minimum wage is a dollar an hour in china so they probably have about 20 bucks invested in their players so eventually the price will keep coming down on the hardware.

HD DVD or Blu- ray DVD? Ok to rehash and condense what was said above. It’s simple. Neither. DVD’s and CD’s will eventually be more clutter and crap that you will have to lug out to the driveway to sell at a garage sale. Ask yourself this? Do you really want to stand around on a cold Saturday morning, explaining to the guy trying to buy your Blu- ray DVD player that you paid $400 for it and you really, really need to get 20 bucks for it or your girlfriend will laugh at you, possibly even break up with you. He of course is just going to walk away, muttering under his breath “Didn’t anybody tell those stupid kids about betamax.....”

I tried to old man, I tried to.

People forget now about the Super 8 vs. 16mm format wars of the late 60's. 21 people were either shot or lost their lives. VHS was eventually crowned the winner.

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