Sunday, January 27, 2008

REGIFTING-There's Nothing Cheap About Saving The World

Regifting is a blood sport in Hollywood. Here actor Vincent Kartheiser from the hit show "Mad Men" has just received a regifted Nintendo controller. Look how excited he is!

I’VE ALWAYS WANTED to do two things with my life. Save money and save the world. But I have never been able to figure out a way to combine the two. It has always been one or the other. For instance I recently flew to Alaska to help clean little baby seals who were hurt in an oil spill, the downside was I ended up spending over 2,000 dollars on travel, soap and rubber gloves. (If I had been smart I would have stopped up at the 99 cent store before going to Alaska, everything and I mean everything, even the Taco Bell value menu is more expensive in Alaska.) So I felt good about helping the world because the seals were clean and healthy but I had wasted over 2 grand and I still have oil under my finger nails. Later on I was cleaning my finger nails with a nail file given to me by my friend who was one of the stars of the Broadway musical, “Hairspray”. Orginally he had been given the finger nail file from one of the producers of his play. Then it occurred to me as I was cleaning the oil out my toenails, it’s been right here in front of me for years, REGIFTING. Here in Hollywood Regifting, especially during the holidays, is a sport.

When you regift your not only saving money but your also helping to save the environment and when you save the environment, your saving the world. For instance. When you regift a DVD player, that’s one less 4 pound piece of manufactured plastic and 2 pounds less of fluorocarbons released to the atmosphere. Also that is four hours less an indentured Chinese factory worker has to spend gluing buttons on to another dvd player. So your not just saving the environment but also humanity. It’s also a really great way to justify being a cheap bastard. The next time someone accuses you of being cheap and regifting you can look them straight in the eye and ask them, “Oh and what have you done to save the world lately?”

Regifting can be tricky. Not all of your friends will appreciate that your trying to save the world. Here Vincent Kartheiser is regifting back to nature, a regifted 12 year old Nintendo controller, apparently it wasn't compatible with his WII.

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