Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The House of Blues Anaheim (+ Slightly Stoopid New Years 2007)

C-Money of Slightly Stoopid, green room (literally) H.O.B Anaheim, the old Disneyland Hotel which had Tron in the video arcade is directly behind him but he didn't know that at the time.


THE HOUSE OF BLUES Anaheim should drop the word Anaheim and just say Disneyland. But then again they might sell less tickets to a Social Distortion or Slightly Stoopid show if you tell the kids they’re going to be rocking out at Disneyland. But it is, in a horrible location. On the edge of California Disney. Basically its in the middle of a giant parking lot in the middle of another giant parking lot in the middle of the side of Disneyland. Orange/Anaheim is probably the most corporate staid place in Southern California. In the summer you can actually feel the air not moving. The people who don’t believe in global warming should live in Orange for three summers in a row before they decide the world isn’t getting hotter. Ugh, what a horrible place to put a venue and an amusement park. Just think if the city fathers of Burbank had sold Walt Disney the property he really wanted for Disneyland, Disneyland would be back in Burbank off the 134. Disney actually thought it was a Zionist conspiracy ( read Walt Disney Hollywood’s Dark Prince by Marc Eliot, 1993) that he wasn’t sold the property for Disneyland because a couple years later the same people approved the sale of property and building of Universal Studios. Point of that being Disneyland would be in a cooler, more elevated area and their probably wouldn’t even have been another House of Blues in Anaheim or anything else for that matter.
Fortunately New Years Eve ’07 was my first time at the House of Blues Anaheim, everyone on the staff was very nice, I was supposed to go there a couple weeks earlier to see Pepper play but when my friend told me Pepper was covering a Journey song I made up an excuse not to go, Now that I’m getting older, I can tolerate many things, I can even tolerate the Grateful Dead now in small doses but I draw the line at men who sound like girls when they sing. What I really hate more are those gay ass baseball jersey shirts with those stupid bugs on them. No offense to people with gay asses.
The House of Blues is a good safe clean venue which is exactly what it is supposed to be. almost to safe. If John Belushi came back he would get kicked out of that place in about ten minutes. They should build another California adventure theme park, do an old school one from the cracked out Hollywood of the 80’s or New Orleans in the 70’s. Talk about keeping it real. Anyway in the real corporate rock world of house of blues Anaheim we had to explain to one of the door guys the concept of giving away extra tickets to people in line who weren’t going to be able to buy tickets. He’s gonna be a great cop. Which pretty much sums it up the House of Blues is a safe place for kids and cops. (Also if I forgot to mention it the food at H.O.B. Anaheim is quite good and reasonably priced which is rare at Disneyland. Remember the old days when you would hear your Dad bitching about the lousy, over priced battered chicken at the Carnation restaurant?)

That haze in the air is the ghost of Roy Disney, Walt's less rascist and less praised brother.
This isn't a photoshop effect Kyle really looks like that. This is the cool special effects lighting you can come to expect from the same company who designed the "It's A Small World" ride.

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Chief_Reindeer said...

But have you been there early on a weekend night when the parents have Benedyrl'd their kids up tight and they want to let their hair-down and be all adult. Where the mom squeals with Beatles-landing wetness, "I hope we see that guy from 'According to Jim' or that other fat guy from 'Roseanne'". That is some awesome shit. - Slightly Stoopid might be worth it though.