Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Old Slightly Stoopid Graphics Coachella Skate 2008

"Slightly not stoned" is getting re-released, the first runs sold out. The UB40 cover "i would do for you" is key. It's grammy quality but to get a grammy nomination you have to hire a full time publicist and be spoofed on The Simpsons. A variation of this graphic will probably be used for a limited run skate deck, hopefully for coachella. An extra thick 12 ply maple laminate deck will be designed for kyle since he's put on a bit of weight, some say he looks like a young Brian Wilson, not me though I would never make fun of Kyle.


Anonymous said...

Who gives a shit about Slightly Stoopid? They fucking suck balls. Thanks for wasting my time you douchebag.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Why the fuck are you reading this shit then, douchebag? Who died and made you God of all things acoustic/blues/reggae/hip-hop and punk? I doubt your time is so precious, friggin' moron.