Thursday, March 13, 2008

Village Pizzeria Hollywood

Village Pizzeria. Hollywood. Good pizza sometimes, good price always.

6363 Yucca Street (yep the same street with that killer 2 minute long tracking shot when George Kennedy is playing a cop in “Earthquake” and a brief shot of Yucca in “The Italian Job” also.)

323- 790-0763 free delivery, but they’re not open past 9:30, so the free delivery is almost useless.

On Yucca right off of Cahuenga, around the corner from the 7-11 in a formerly very sketchy spot that they have cleaned up and revitalized.

Some of you might be familiar with these guys. They have been in Larchmont Village for several years. Also Berkeley.

This pizza is generally good but the problem is they are inconsistent. You get a different, cook you get a slightly different pie. Also if you go in there near closing at 9:30, (seriously 9:30?) the employees want to get out of there and the toppings get tossed on their haphazardly and it wasn’t cooked through. Damn still want to give these guys a chance, though.

Here’s a few tips that might make you a little bit more popular and oh yeah, make you money, cause isn’t that why your open? If Nike will listen to me, use my ideas and not pay me, than you guys might want to also.

Asparagus Pizza- They suck and have a reputation for sucking, but they didn’t always.
They were good at first but quickly became inconsistent, high turnover and hiring actors and actresses to work there instead of people who want to be there. You guys are following their path, inconsistent and closing to early. Go walk over there right now and see how busy that place is. Guess what it’s not.

Damianos delivers to this neighborhood and its not expensive and just as good. They deliver til midnight whereas Village Pizzeria closes at 9:30. That’s just retarded. No offense to the mentally challenged or anyone who went to Ohio State.

9 fi’ng 30 in the middle of Hollywood in an area where there isn’t that many late night spots to eat at?

You’re almost useless to this neighborhood if you can’t stay open past 9:30.

Worried about the 18th street gangy bangies? Either pay them off or start kicking pies down to the LAPD, trust me they’ll make make a point of swinging by often. They are sick at eating at Birds.

Early evening people looking for an alternative to the 101 coffee shop, actually they are looking for an alternative to the 101 at any time of the day. Nobody ever said the food was good at the 101, (especially the owners) just that its the only place open in the area late night.

Put a folding wood sign on the corner of Cahuenga and Yucca.

Have the city zone 2 or 3 of your parking spots yellow, so people can pull in and get out fast, this especially will help with business late at night.

Hire employees who want to be there, plenty of dudes and dudettes burned out on production work and want a job that wont be in there head when they get home. An 8 or 10 hour shift at a pizza place is a piece of cake compared to a marathon editing session or having to re-shoot a take 27 times at 3 in the morning.

Send some free pies to the guys at Tiny’s K.O., Beauty Bar, Burgundy Room let people know you’re there. Unless of course your not going to stay open past 9:30. Seriously 9:30?

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