Saturday, March 15, 2008

World Industries 1991 Randy Colvin, Colvinetics, Everslick Deck

World Industries 1991 Randy Colvin Colvinetics, Scienctolgy Spoof Everslick Deck

Used everslick’s usually have a faded look.

Randy Colvin’s second World Industries deck, Marc McKee was the artist. This one is a rare, everslick version none others are known to exist right now but there are probably a couple more stashed away in closets of former World Industries employees. The everslick version has lighter graphics. Reportedly World Industries was hit with a cease and desist to stop the production of this board ala the Jason Lee Burger King board.

In the late 80’s and 90’s Scientoligist ran commercials in Southern California with this Volcano spewing ash telling that your world would be much calmer if you just buy this book. Many of the spots were only 15 seconds long with just the volcano spewing. This board is a nice tribute to that commercial and proof that all you need is a good graphic designer to start your own religioin. World Industries may have anticipated that the Scientologists would sick a lawyer on them. Certinainly being based in Los Angeles Steve Rocco and friends, knew the power of the Scientolgist’s and assumed their would be legal interference and did a low production run to begin with. Whatever the story, the only documented auction, it went just under $1,000.00. This was nice piece of art to pick up it came an Amy Hempel book and a Jamie Lynn textured top Lib Tech, his second season.

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