Friday, March 7, 2008

NO AD SUNSCREEN SPF45 and the 99 Cent store

Angelina Jolie, Jon Voight and how Sunscreen is Saving Africa and Helping Hollywood’s Bottom Line

There's nothing funny about skin cancer in Hollywood or anywhere else for that matter. Unless of course, you are referring to the scene with John Candy and the school principal in Uncle Buck, now that was funny.

I once worked on a documentary for a minor Hollywood celebrity. Give people a couple dollars and put them in front of a camera and they think their life has meaning. That’s debatable. But I was given a camera and some subjects and went with it. I interviewed several prominent people. The only person who had anything interesting to say was Jon Voight. And it wasn’t about acting, God or Angelina Jolie. We spoke for a while about raising kids in California. He did the same thing my parents did. It was very popular in the 70’s and 80’s. A California tradition, anglo, latino, black, asian, didn’t matter. Instead of hiring a babysitter in the summer you dumped your kid(s) at the beach. Come back in 8 hours and hopefully they will be worn out and tired. Rinse, repeat, do it again next day, all summer. East Beach, Goleta, Huntington, Portolo, Newport, Malibu, didn’t matter, different beach, same sun.

What did Jon Voight do differently than most of our parents? Besides the Guatemalan housekeeper at his kids side the whole time? Sunscreen. That’s right he said he always made sure his kids had plenty of sunscreen. Sunscreen? If it wasn’t for sunscreen Angelina would probably have shriveled up into a prune by now and be looking like Paula Abdul. So look at it this way, if it wasn’t for sunscreen, Angelina would have to rely on acting abilities and not her looks. Brad would have never asked her to dinner that fateful night. Paramount would not have the influx of cash from the Laura Croft films and without Brad and her franchise, she would have never been able to afford to adopt kids from Ethiopia.

And don’t forget that one song by that guy Baz in the 90's? where he says, “my advice to the graduating class, is always wear sunscreen.”

This NO AD Sunscreen SPF 45 is UVA and UVB. Consumer Reports rated it as the best sunscreen and best value. Wal-Mart carries a 16 ounce bottle for just under $9.00 with tax. The 99 cent stores are carrying it right now for 99 cents. Probably will be there all summer. So if you’re a parent get out there and get it for your kids so they will have a fighting chance at a career in Hollywood or even the real world. When was the last time you saw a suntan on a Nobel laureate? Think about it, the money you save can be used to bribe the admissions director at your local charter school.


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