Thursday, March 13, 2008

Gary Shandling KILLS at the trial of P.I. Anthony Pellicano


Comedian Gary Shandling in simpler times. Moe Sizlak, the surly bartender from The Simpsons is reportedly modeled after Mr. Shandling.

Comedian Gary Shandling reportedly killed with a solid twenty minute set of new material at the trial of former P.I. Anthony Pelicano. The jury was reportedly in stitches, one of the bailiff’s even had to leave the room to change his pants.

Deputy District Attonery John Cruicshank said, “I almost peed my pants when he told the joke about God running wire taps for George Bush. Oh my god, the guy is a genius. Why is he still not on television?”

A.P. reporter Jeff Richards was in the audience and offered this assesement.
“The judge had to stop for recess 3 times he was laughing so hard. Who knew witness intimidation, illegal wiretaps and jury tampering could be so god damn funny!”
The judge said after it was the best set he’s ever seen in an courtroom. He should know. Hell,he’s seen all the veterans.”

Judge Steven Carnan was a legal aide to Mr. Alan Dershowitz, when Mr. Dershowitz performed his legendary ten minute set in front of the Supreme Court in 1975. He was also the presiding judge in 2 of Richard Pryor cocaine & drug abuse cases in the 80’s.

The defendant Mr. Anthony Pelicano, is also acting as his own attorney. When it was his turn to cross-examine Mr. Shandling. A strange twist of events occurred. Instead of cross-examining Mr. Shandling he showed a tape of a past Paula Poundstone performance, it was a benefit comedy show that Mr. Shandling also attended. Most peo in the courtroom thought the Paula Poundstone defense backfired on the novice attorney.

"This bothers me as much as the first time I saw this," the 58-year-old Gary Shandling said about the performance. "It's a creepy feeling."

In fact some of the jury members became so nauseous from the Paula Poundstone video they had to excuse themselves, disrupting the trial. Judge Carnan was forced to order a recess. Cross-examination will resume on Monday giving everyone sufficient time to recover.

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